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The technology in smartphones and other portable devices is being better and better but the battery time is being less, why is it so? , if everything else is being better, why shouldn’t the battery too. 

We all have been frustrated by the battery time on our smartphones, at least once a day we need charge the phone and that shouldn’t be a must in this century. 

We are taking care of the problem so that you will never have to charge your phone anymore!  It have been seen like a dream by many but imagine always having 100 % on the phone or electrical vehicle.



We are a company that are making the next generation battery that you don’t have to charge at all, it can be used everywhere but we are focusing right now in the smartphone and electrical vehicle market. 

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Take action and lets make this a reality, a reality where the world will have clean and unlimited energy. Smartphones and EV:s are just the start, our batteries will power whole cities in the future. 

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